Glow & Guidance

Vincent-Paolo isn’t a name who just has popped up in Amsterdam. He has been honing his craft for over a decade and will stay around to take his musical skills to the next level as he did on this 4-tracker of an EP named ‘Glow & Guidance’ for United Identities.

Music fans, club heads and radio listeners from all over the globe are familiar with the producer, DJ and radio host through a variety of releases on Soulection, FootJuice and his long time running radioshow ‘Wavefiles’ on leading online radio station Red Light Radio in Amsterdam while hosting homonymous party’s by bringing out the best names in the worldwide beats and electronic music scene.

For his debut on United Identities Vincent-Paolo has crafted an energetic and eccentric sound which comes to life on 'Glow & Guidance'. The title alludes to the process of how the music came about and the inspiration he felt residing in his motherland Indonesia. Through his experience as a sound designer Vincent-Paolo has scored music for films and commercials and took this approach with his own free flowing work resulting in what best could be described as 'cinematic clubmusic'.

As the 3rd release on United Identities, which serves as a free download, Vincent-Paolo is turning over a new chapter for the music label in 2019 and further following a unique direction of even more progress and expanding his sound and name with his newfound approach on music and life.

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